The Passing of a Legend

Gales Creek – On the evening of November 13, 2011, local resident Matt Hundley looked out of his window at the family home near the junction of Highways 6 and 8 to see flames billowing out of the family garage. Within minutes, the entire structure was ablaze, fiery chaos melting tools, equipment, and vehicles alike. Behind the garage, an attached chicken coop was also ablaze- but an unlikely hero was there to make sure that the flock of around 30 chickens stayed safe. According to eyewitness reports, Captain “Henry” Adama, named partially after the fictional Commander Adama from ABC’s Battlestar Galactica, stood silhouetted against the roaring inferno, flames licking at his feathers and burning through his wattle.  Standing between the heat of the furnace and his hens, he ushered them one by one to safety.  In the end, the garage collapsed, crushing the area the hens had been moments before.  Of his 30 hens, only two perished.

In a statement released by Sharon Hundley on Friday, Captain Adama is no more.  “He has been a guide and protector to many and a good friend for many years.” she wrote of Captain Adama in a heartfelt message to family and friends.

Captain Adama had a courageous life, and his legend only grew over time.  For eight years, he protected the flock in times of danger, at one point losing an eye in a vicious fight with a hawk.  And when he was done leading the flock, he retired peacefully with several loyal older hens and lived on the porch of the Hundley home, where he enjoyed stately walks in the yard, greeting guests, and attending weddings and other family events on the property.  He is survived by several hens, a dog, and the entire Hundley family.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Gales Creek Journal in his memory.