Opinion: The Gales Creek School Library

By Joyce Sauber, special to the Gales Creek Journal.

Gales Creek – There is a new schedule at the Gales Creek School Library – After seven years of being open on Wednesday nights, the library will now be open every Thursday night, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The Library has an amazing collection of children and adult books for Gales Creek Valley residents and district families to check out.

Kate Grandusky and Joyce Sauber keep the library open year round along with volunteers Deb Sims, Sharon Boge and Linda Martin, who fill in from time to time. The library has many reading areas and presents a very relaxing feeling as you enter the room. There is a rocking chair with a very large teddy bear, reclining chair, books displayed for various holidays or of special interest, stuffed animals, Kate’s wall hangings, and plants all add to the homey atmosphere.

In addition to the library being open every Thursday night, there are special events during the year. Family movie nights, crafts, a Halloween party, and Christmas Wassail.

Many former students often share memories of when Doris Beir staffed the library. Students brought their favorite teddy bears that were then put on display in the library. Sue Yenello, another librarian, always had special programs and events for students. Sue and parent volunteers had great book fair events that regularly added hundreds of new books to the library. Doris and Sue had a way about them that encouraged and motivated students to read and enjoy reading.

The Gales Creek Elementary School closed seven years ago in 2011- with permission from the school district and community support, we have been able to keep the library open for the residents of the Gales Creek Valley.

In those seven years, our wonderful volunteers and many families have helped put hundreds of books back on the shelves. When the school closed, all books were stacked on the floor and tables to be removed. Last year when the building was painted inside and out, the books were boxed up and labeled, unboxed and returned to the shelves – an unbelievable task completed by a small group of adults and children.
The Gales Creek community has a wonderful dedicated group of volunteers and we are grateful for them.

Please stop by the Gales Creek School Library! Thursday nights, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Kate and Joyce will be there to welcome you and help with book selection, should you need help.