Help our newsroom buy a new laptop

Update: We’re absolutely blown away by your support- we’ve raised $775 of the $800 we need to purchase the laptop in just 5 hours. Thank you all so much.

Since January 1, our small publication has attended more than two dozen events in our region, driven more than 600 miles in pursuit of stories, interviewed a state senator, published more than 40 stories and opinion pieces, filed 11 public records requests, designed and produced 32 pages of full color newsprint, talked with more than 50 potential local advertisers, filled newspaper boxes more than a dozen times with almost 1,000 newspapers, taken more than 500 photos, and much more.

We’ve done all that on a failing $200 laptop we bought in 2013.

We don’t currently have the cash reserves on hand to fully fund a new, high powered laptop that can handle video editing, graphic design, and publishing – and so we’re turning to our readers to ask for $800 to help us buy a new laptop computer.

You can make a donation several ways – via our Patreon or with a Paypal account or debit/credit card below.

You can also mail a check or cash to 49337 NW Peacock Lane, Forest Grove OR 97116.

We are grateful to our readers who continue to read, share, and discuss our work – and we look forward to fulfilling our mission to bring quality, local, and independent journalism on more reliable equipment!

Chas Hundley, publisher, editor, journalist, etc.

P.S. Also, the ‘B’ key often skips on the keyoard, which is incredily irritating, and the source of 95% of our typos, when trying to type an article.