The Gales Creek Journal in 2017

Hello, readers and subscribers of the Gales Creek Journal! I wanted to write a quick note as we have entered this new year to let you know of several changes to the Gales Creek Journal.

First and foremost, we’ve expanded to add a sister paper called the Banks Post. Our mission to bring local news to local people in a rural area will not be contained to just our little area, but now stretch from the mountains above Hagg Lake to deep into the verdant Tillamook State Forest, to the edge of Columbia County, and then back to the Forest Grove city limits. That’s roughly 350 square miles of forest, farms, and small communities – nearly half of Washington County. If you would like to help in that effort, I encourage you to donate to our fundraising campaign, which can be found here.

Secondly, we’re renewing our commitment to providing ethical and quality journalism for the Gales Creek, Glenwood, Timber, and Hillside communities. Here’s how:

  • We subscribe to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, which can be read here.
  • We’re adding two new feature to our news articles. Each article, at the bottom of the page, will have a list of sources that were used to write the article, be that a person, website, or other source of information. Additionally, there will be a basic timeline of events that led to and surround the story, so those who wish to find a very basic accounting of a news story can skip the article and read just the framing context of the events that transpired.
  • We’ll continue to uphold our endorsement (or lack thereof) policy, which can be found here.

Third and last, we’ll be expanding the reach of our efforts. To do this, we’ll be adding guest columns, pushing our advertising and patronage programs and working as hard as we can to make sure that western rural Washington County has access to local, quality, and ethical journalism.





Chas Hundley, Editor.

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