Gales Creek Gatherings: Guest Column from Sharon Hundley

Editors note: We’re happy to announce a new column of the Gales Creek Journal: Gales Creek Gatherings, a column by guest writer, Sharon Hundley. Sharon will be covering local events and gatherings of our valley, featuring community events, businesses, and special happenings. If you know of an upcoming event which is outside the regular community calendar events and would like to see it in here, please contact, with Sharon Hundley in the subject line.

Living and Loving Gales Creek
Written by Sharon Hundley

Livability. A word bantered in real estate circles and a much coveted rating by municipalities across America. Many factors contribute to a city’s livability rating: crime rates, entertainment, schools, etc. One interesting rating which has become more prominent in recent years is the walkability rating. How convenient and safe is it to reach transit, schools, shopping, entertainment, parks, etc. Portland ranks 10th among the major US cities with a walk score of 64-88, depending on which app you consult.

Gales Creek’s walk score is…….1. However, that walk rating may be contested by some of you neighbors. Ask Sandi Evans how she rates her walk through her beautiful property and folk gardens of a morning. Ask Bill Owens, as he walks his dog Oreo on Highway 8; or perhaps Ray Bowers as he raises his arm in salute to each passing car.

I think, as residents of Gales Creek, we would all give our little burgh a high livability rating. What factors contribute to that opinion of our valley. Certainly the beauty, privacy and quiet; perhaps our visiting herd of elk, the bald eagles who soar majestically over us on occasion. The other side of the privacy coin, however, is our sense of community. We have MANY opportunities to foster that community, despite the fact our local school was taken from us. The community calendar can be seen at, but follows is a list of activities available in our neighborhood.

Chamber of Commerce                       Gales Creek Church                            Garden Club

CPO 13                                                    Hillside Church                                   Exercise Class

Neighbor Watch Meetings                  Community Potluck                           Community Garage Sale

Gales Creek Journal                            Annual Strawberry Festival               Christmas Bazaar

Neighbor Watch Picnic                       Weekly Library Nights                       Annual Wassail Party

And coming July 8, 2017, our first ever Gales Creek Farm and Garden Tour.  Save the date!

Annual Wassail Party

Written by Sharon Hundley

Volunteerism is a cornerstone of strong communities. Volunteerism runs high in our little town. In addition to her service on the Forest Grove School Board, Kate Grandusky also opens the Gales Creek School Library for the public on every Wednesday night from 6-8 p.m. She, along with Joyce Sauber also host the annual Wassail Party, also held in the school Library. Due to weather, we met one week later on December 21, which did not dampen the enthusiastic attendance of friends and neighbors. At one time 33 residents were in attendance at the open house affair. It was a glad and festive party, with hot and cold cider, and cookies and treats baked by some of the best cooks in Gales Creek. Children played with puppets, read books, tugged on Kate’s leg for attention while others visited and made new acquaintances. It is hard to want to pack up and depart and leave such a warm and relaxing atmosphere; and if you missed this year’s gala, plan on attending in 2017!