Gales Creek Gatherings: Gales Creek Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce in Gales Creek? When? Where? And WHY? Aren’t we just a little bitty bedroom community? Isn’t this just a nice place to live so we can go to work in the big city, or the suburbs? Well yes, and no. Although many of us do work in a different place than which we live, there are many businesses based right here in Gales Creek, in fact there are upwards of 50-60 businesses in the area from Rippling Waters on Highway 8 to Camp Turnaround on Highway 6.

A Chamber of Commerce is “a form of business network whose goal is to further the interests of businesses. Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community.” ( And, although many of you wish only to live here and enjoy your homes and families, many others make their livelihood from our town. So in 2013 the Gales Creek Chamber of Commerce was born. The current Board has served since that time and a new Board will be elected at the upcoming January 18 meeting.

Chamber meeting are held the third Tuesday of the month from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at the Gales Creek Church fellowship hall. One of our purposes is to educate the community about the wide variety of businesses that are here to serve you. To do this, we attempt to have a business owner speak at each meeting, presenting their goods and services. Last month, Donna VanDyke, shared her start-up, Bohemian Mercantile, with the group. This Wednesday we are privileged to hear from Julie Morrison of Camp Turnaround, which is a wedding venue serving us as well as the Metropolitan area. In addition to sharing the business story with us, Julie has a special certificate worth $250 off a wedding booking, booked prior to 12-31-17. This is transferable, so if you are present to be given this certificate, you can gift it to someone you know who books at Camp Turnaround.



You need not be a business owner or member of Chamber to attend the meetings, however, should you choose to join, membership is only $15/year. Please check us out this Tuesday, and enjoy Pumpkin Roll and coffee..

Fore more information about the Gales Creek Chamber of Commerce, visit
In the interest of full disclosure, The editor of this paper is a board member of the Gales Creek Chamber.