Washington County Sheriff’s Office investigating crashed vehicle off David Hill Road

David Hill – A crashed vehicle was found abandoned this morning by a neighbor on David Hill Road about 1/4 mile from the road’s intersection with Gales Creek Road. 

Eugene King, who lives in the area and has a driveway across from where the vehicle was found, says his daughter heard a rumbling sound around 12 a.m. last night.

“She thought it was thunder and lightning,” King said. 

This morning, around 8:40 a.m., King was driving down his driveway to work when he spotted it: a white Chevy Trailblazer, resting on one side 15-20 feet down an embankment. The windshield wipers were still on, the vehicle still running. 

No one was inside. 

Grooves in the mud and gravel just up the road tell a story of a vehicle losing control on a curve on this graveled portion of David Hill Road. A few feet away, bark was ripped off a tree where the vehicle struck it before coming to rest on its side. 

The vehicle is registered to someone who lives near the intersection of Reiling Road and Highway 47 between Banks and Forest Grove, according to deputy Jason McLaughlin of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, who, along with Forest Grove Fire & Rescue and Richard Gale of Gales Creek Towing, were on the scene of the abandoned vehicle. 

The cause of the crash, or why it was abandoned, are not yet known. This is a developing story.