UFOs in Gales Creek? They’re probably just drones.

Gales Creek- If you saw small unidentified flying objects near Provincial Vineyards on Sunday, the origins of the aircraft are not extraterrestrial – rather, they were unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as drones.

The Oregon Territory chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), of which the author of this article is a member, held a panel discussion on the use of drones in journalism, inviting journalists and the public from across the state to learn about various legal, ethical, and technical aspects of using drones to aid journalism. Members of the Oregonian, OPB, KGW, the Tillamook County Pioneer and many other newsrooms were in attendance at the two hour event, which included a panel discussion led by KGW’s Sara Roth with experts in the drone industry, including Lawrence Dennis of Aerial Technology International, attorney Derek Greene, and freelance aerial imagery pilot Adam Simmons.

After the panel discussion, drone demonstrations were held in the main lawn of Provincial Vineyards, and participants were given a chance to fly a drone. “It’s a wonderful event to have at Provincial Vineyards.” said Brenda Schaffer, who works at Provincial. “We get to eavesdrop on this fascinating topic.”

The topic of drone use in a various industries, especially agriculture, videography and photography is a hot topic right now, due to the FAA recently releasing regulations allowing the use of drones for commercial purposes, with a new set of rules coming into play at the end of August.

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