Tree removal stalled until Thanksgiving week

Gales Creek – Contractors hired by the Forest Grove School District (FGSD) to remove the oak tree at the Gales Creek School began working on Wednesday, October 10 to remove the venerable tree. 

Now, it still stands, somewhat, with half the limbs removed – all the limbs that hung over NW Old Wilson River Road are gone, but the rest, located within the confines of the Oak Grove Academy property, remain, along with the entirety of the tree trunk.

Community members, many concerned that the now halved tree could pose a danger, wondered what the status of the project was in numerous emails and messages to the Journal.

According to David Warner, FGSD Director of Communications and Engagement, the limbs that posed the most potential danger of falling have been removed, and the district is waiting until classes are out to take the rest of the tree down over the week of Thanksgiving break. 

“They are planning to take down the rest of the tree which will require some pretty heavy equipment, cranes and such to come in,” Warner said in a phone call to the Journal.