Proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Glenwood Draws Support and Criticism

Glenwood – About 15 residents gathered on February 11 to hear from Kevin Cameron, the owner of the Glenwood Store, about his proposal to open a medical marijuana dispensary. The dispensary would be located in the same building as the Glenwood Store and TGR Motorsports LLC, with construction being done to separate the proposed dispensary from the store and create room for it. In addition to adding the dispensary, Cameron plans to add a full deli and seating for the deli in the store.

During the lively exchange between audience members and Cameron, questions ranged from discussion regarding on site safety to potential trespassing issues in the homes behind the Glenwood store and impacts on highway safety. Several community members also expressed frustration at a lack of communication between the store and members of the adjacent community.

“I want to improve the property value.” said Cameron when asked about his plans for the businesses located on the property. “I’m young and ambitious, and want to move along on a journey. It’s kind of a stepping stone for me.”  In addition to improving property value, Cameron plans to hire two to four staff members and open in June or July, pending approval from Washington County and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC).