Highway 6 designated ‘Tillamook Trees to Seas Scenic Byway’

Banks, Gales Creek, and Glenwood – The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced it officially designated Highway 6 from the City of Banks to Tillamook and Highway 131 from Tillamook to the Cape Mears peninsula a scenic byway, along with two other stretches of Oregon highways “for the rich experience they offer when you travel along them.”

The highway has been designated the “Tillamook Trees to Seas Scenic Byway.”

State Highway 6, also known as the Wilson River Highway, starts in Banks, passes through the Tillamook State Forest and ends in Tillamook. From there, the scenic designation will continue along highway 131 to terminate at the Cape Mears peninsula.

“The scenic byway program thrives on and is the focal point for many communities across the state,” said Matt Garrett, director of the Oregon Transportation Commission. “The program is a grassroots effort with support from local residents and businesses interested in preserving and enhancing local scenic roads, diversifying the local economy and promoting tourism opportunities.”

The purpose of Oregon’s scenic byway program is to identify, preserve and enhance Oregon’s most outstanding scenic transportation corridors. The proposed routes are nominated by local organizations, which then are reviewed by the Oregon Scenic Byways Committee.
State designations result in the placement of scenic byway signs along each corridor, and the recognition of each route by publishing them in official Oregon tourism and promotional materials.

The McKenzie River Scenic Byway, the Mary’s Peak to Pacific Scenic Byway, and the Tillamook Trees to Seas Scenic Byway will be included in the next printing of the Oregon Scenic Byway official driving guide, according to a press release issued by ODOT.
For more information about Oregon’s Scenic Byways Program go online to http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Programs/Pages/Scenic-Byways.aspx.

Daniel Pearson

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