Medical Marijuana Dispensary Public Meeting Tonight at Glenwood Store

Glenwood – Tonight at 7pm, the Glenwood Store will have a public meeting.  The community is invited to discuss their questions and concerns surrounding owner Kevin Cameron’s proposal to open a medical (and eventually, recreational) marijuana dispensary.  One of many steps in a lengthy permitting process (including a $3500 fee to show that the Glenwood Store is a commercial facility and always has been), Cameron says that during the meeting, attendees are invited to voice their concerns, which will be taken down and submitted with a plan on how to address those concerns to Washington County.

“I do understand that parents might have concerns about a bus stop in front of a dispensary.” he says “I’m willing to work with the community and build a warming shelter for the bus stop on the property, and place the dispensary in the back of the store.”

Pending approval, the public will then have another 90 days to submit feedback during the permitting process.

“I see a need in the area.” says Cameron, a licensed medical marijuana grower for the last ten years. “People have to travel to Hillsboro, and so do people who are vacationing in the area.”

In addition to the dispensary, Cameron is also trying to expand the store and open more space for a full deli and seating area.  Depending on the permitting process, he anticipates having the dispensary open in the summer of 2016. He plans to source product as locally as possible, with an emphasis on high quality.