Forest Grove School District to pay more than $80,000 to resigning superintendent

Forest Grove – A separation agreement and release document between Superintendent Yvonne Curtis and the Forest Grove School District reveals that Curtis will be paid more than $80,000 in three separate checks in the next few weeks. 

According to the document obtained by the Gales Creek Journal, three checks will be written by the district to Curtis as follows:

A check for $13,748 will be paid on December 15; a check for $54,992 on January 5, 2018; and a check for $11,422 representing the value of 144 hours of “accumulated and unused vacation,” paid on December 15. The checks for  $13,748 and $54,992 will be subject to payroll taxes. In total, the amount that will be paid to Curtis is $80,162. 

Curtis will also retain her insurance benefits provided by the district through May 31, 2018, and keep her office computer. 

Sources and more information:

Signed separation agreement & letter of resignation