Construction Begins on Timber Road Washout

Timber – Temporary repairs began today on the section of Timber Road between Highway 6 and Strassel Road that washed out on December 7th.  According to the Washington County Department of Land Use and Transportation, the estimated cost of the temporary repairs will be $125,000, and will be followed up with a full repair later in the year that will result in a temporary road closure.

The culvert that washed out was already slated for replacement, with a score of 3 out of 10 on the County’s culvert rating system, 10 being a new culvert in perfect condition.

Currently, residents of the Timber area must take an alternate route to get to Forest Grove or Tillamook, driving to Highway 26 and then going through Banks.

Work on the culvert and road will be accomplished using a combination of County forces and Pihl Excavating.
To stay up to date on county road closures, visit the Washington County Roads Website.