Brush fire near Balm Grove skirts the edge of 70-animal Storybook Stables

Balm Grove – It all started when Chandler Eaves went to start Storybook Stable’s gas-powered water pump around 5 p.m. Moments later, the pump sparked, igniting the grass in the field that borders the animal therapy farm’s 70-animal facility. By the time Eaves ran back with a fire extinguisher, it had rapidly spread into tall grass nearby.

According to Forest Grove Fire & Rescue, the fire is now out.

While employee Sandee Wheeler moved the farm’s horses to safety, crews from Banks Fire District, Forest Grove Fire & Rescue, and Cornelius Fire Department dispatched crews to put out the 1/2 acre fire. Dry, grassy fields and what appeared to be a pile of lumber burned while restless animals watched a stream of fire vehicles and onlookers who came after they saw a pillar of smoke rising in the Gales Creek Valley.

“We have 70 animals,” says owner Mindy Eaves. “All the animals are safe.”




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